Sunday, August 7, 2016

RANT POST: Skin irritation

Me, planning my blog posts and wanting to throw my laptop...

Hey guys!

Okay, so I'm really frustrated at myself because after I bought the Catwa mesh head - Alice (basic), I found out that I don't have any skins that are able to be applied to the head!
I've been doing research because I've been wanting to do a good job updating my avatar, but I feel like I messed up royally and I can't ask for a refund. I want to fix this myself, but I've been feeling stuck and like I'm hitting a brick wall. I do thank everyone whose been helping me, and one of my good friends Hunni Daniels has helped me immensely with products that I can blog! I'm going to try to get my skin problem all figured out before I start posting outfits. I will post Look of the Day starting tomorrow (Monday, August 8th, 2016), and will also do some posts for Hunni's store as well (they will be scheduled for different post dates, or I might just do one huge post, or several smaller posts!)

Anyways, thought I'd update you guys on what's going on! :)

Have a great rest of your day everyone!



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